March 2016

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New Summer Gear

Bigfoot, Yowie & Yeti has short sleeve Tree Peeker Bigfoot shirts available. Click here to shop online to see our latest selection of Bigfoot products. Stop by our retail store Bigfoot, Yowie & Yeti at 2346 South Colorado Blvd Denver, Colorado, 80222. Ask us about our evidence and research lab.


Posts, Yetifest is coming July29th Gould ,Coloado

Bigfoot Print

We wrote about our recent Bigfoot expedition in our last post but wanted to share this Sasquatch evidence in a completely separate post.  In an area Northwest of Craig, Colorado, we heard interesting sounds and activity all night.  The next day, we came across this wonderfully preserved footprint.  I don’t recall anyone in Craig being 12 feet tall, and by the size of this footprint, it has to be a Bigfoot or Sasquatch footprint.

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Northwest Colorado Bigfoot Trip

We recently went on a Bigfoot expedition to Northwest Colorado, not too far from Craig.  It was an eventful and productive squatching trip, as we saw and heard some rather interesting things.  We also experienced some of the most beautiful sunsets imaginable.