Fall Updates

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Fall Updates

Well I am no longer a Blog newbie I am ready for Blog number 2.

Our Website has been up and functional since 10/3/16.  Doing a Website is harder than it looks especially when you want it just so.  I don’t know if “just so” is even possible but I will continue to tweak and evolve this site.

In my quiet time I sometimes run everything that has happened as a result of me becoming a Co-Founder of Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies and starting our retail branch Bigfoot, Yowie & Yeti. Here are my observations.

Life definitely is way more interesting than I ever believed possible. It gives me hope and I don’t know exactly why but probably because it makes everything possible.

I really did get to meet the most interesting people this year which has renewed my belief in humankind.

From my experience Sasquatch will be proven. I may be dead 100 years but it will happen.

From my experience I understand why it hasn’t happened yet.  This life is absolutely fascinating but it is a rabbit hole.

On the Bigfoot, Yowie & Yeti side interest is growing rapidly and it is from every age, gender, race and socio- economic group. That makes me believe that one thing that brings people together is when pondering if there is another branch of Hominids in our midst.

I hope you find something you like on the website and get outdoors if you are able.

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