Good bye cruel 2016

Yetifest is coming July29th Gould ,Coloado

Good bye cruel 2016

Well another year comes to a end.  When I look back on everything it seems surreal.  Not just the Sasquatch aspect but life in general. What is in store for 2017 nobody knows uncertainty seems to be the new normal. My 54th birthday on this blue marble is coming up New Years Eve.  It is strange when your birthday closes out the books on a year personally and marks another trip around the Sun literally.

I feel I am living out a fortune cookie proverb of some sort. New friends have become more in tune with where I am now while some old friends seem to be gathering dust on the shelf of life.  Time marches on and so do I while memories become faded and obsolete.

I hope everyone new and old even those where time has passed us by have a better 2017 and that includes the world as a whole, people in general and friends who now serve only as a place in time in my life.

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