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Relaunched Products

We are pleased to announce the addition of many new products with our unique logos. We will continue to update our product line as new products become available. [...]


Upcoming Book

Long time no Blog.  I just haven’t had the time.  I have been revising my book, ” Last of the Baby Boomers”.  The revised book will be vastly different from the first book.  Just a better read and more about Sasquatch.  In the original which currently is still available I [...]


Yetifest two

SIR at appeared for the second annual Yetifest this time it was held in Gould, Colorado.  What beautiful country they have up there.  The people came out and supported us and the musicians, food and awesome raffle.  The grand prize for a ten dollar ticket was a Yeti cooler.  [...]

Yetifest is coming July29th Gould ,Coloado

Yetifest Round Two

Hello everybody.  Falling behind on my blog.  Oops.  SIR is going to be in Gould , Colorado on July 29th.  Two of our researchers took a picture of a Sasquatch up in their neck of the woods.  This the second year for Yeti fest. Both Mike and Scott will be there. Last [...]


Colorado Springs Gazette article on SIR presentation in Florissant Colorado

 SIR continues to reach out to more and more people who are into Bigfoot especially in the Rockies. I love researching the subject and then the creative side of making new Sasquatch clothes and products.  I have just begun to tap into my creative side. But I must continue my [...]


Summer 2017

It is June 5th 2017.  This is when we become most active in our pursuit of Sasquatch research and interactions.  I am excited for July 29th and 30th in Gould Colorado. Yetifest second annual event featuring SIR as their guest speakers is going to be awesome.  They are letting us have [...]


First Annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference Huge success

I am very proud to report that our SIR investigators Harriet McFeeley and Robin Roberts with the help of the great State of Nebraska put on a fantastic conference.  Hastings is a great City and they are already working on next years conference.  Great speakers and a premier of the [...]

Yetifest is coming July29th Gould ,Coloado

2017 So Far

Well we are into 2017 since my last Blog.  Duty calls.  What’s up 2017? The store is evolving and so am I.  Don’t know how much I will get out “Squatchin” this year due to business and personal priorities.  I have seen a lifetimes worth of cool things and cool [...]

Yetifest is coming July29th Gould ,Coloado

Good bye cruel 2016

Well another year comes to a end.  When I look back on everything it seems surreal.  Not just the Sasquatch aspect but life in general. What is in store for 2017 nobody knows uncertainty seems to be the new normal. My 54th birthday on this blue marble is coming up [...]

Posts, Yetifest is coming July29th Gould ,Coloado

Documentary Feature

I had the pleasure to see the documentary that Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies and Bigfoot Yowie & Yeti were prominently represented in this week. It is produced by Centre Productions out of Boulder, Colorado. Ron Meyers and Anna Meyer Evans worked tirelessly on this project traveling across the United [...]