About Us



Real Bigfoot Merchandise From Real Bigfoot Researchers

Bigfoot, Yowie and Yeti is the brain child collaboration of Scott and Michael. Best friends since the 60’s, they’ve had the unique pleasure of living and breathing the Bigfoot experience.

Our online store’s mission is geared toward offering the finest Bigfoot gear, clothing, accessories, novelties, and memorabilia the world has to offer, in relation to our forest friends.

We want to offer a legitimate avenue for vendors and craftsmen with worthy products to showcase their wares for sale to all, and a reliable place for you to buy them.

Money’s generated from sales from this website will be used to buy better equipment, fund better research and allow us to spend more time to in the field doing what we love. This is one of our primary goals and our hope for this site, into which we have poured our hearts and souls.

We hope you love Bigfoot, Yowie & Yeti as much as we do. We know the truth is out there, there is nothing to fear, we know they exist. Take care and Happy Squatching!​